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An exclusive at home lesson...and artisanal experience

(lessons currently on hiatus)



The best of both "pizza" worlds...

When it comes to making pizza, I love to show people all I have to offer. With my intimate and hands-on “Pizza Show” class, you'll  experience my two different pizza styles, learn the pizza making techniques behind each and enjoy them both.  I promise to not leave you hungry and will continue to make enough of both pies until everyone is full. 

The Pizza "Show"
  • Neapolitan Style pizza  

  • Pizzeria Style pizza 

  • Pizza history lesson

  • Tomato tutorial + why choosing certain ingredients matter

  • Dough proofing and stretching techniques

  • Two types of handcrafted dough balls (proofed for 72-96) hours

  • Homemade sauce(s)

  • Toppings

  • Extra dough balls (to keep)

  • Pizza making equipment

  • Travel​

  • Passion, stories + lots of laughs

Minimum 2 people, Maximum 8, please inquire for pricing

What I'll bring

All you need is your home oven.


I'll bring a portable oven for outdoor use, and my passion, knowledge and stories in hopes of leaving you with a complete pizza experience. 

Throwing a party or want to collaborate? Let's connect. 


Thanks for submitting!

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