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Making pizza has become my true labor of love.  But I don't want to make just any pizza... I want to make you the best pizza you have ever had.  I have spent the better part of the last three years perfecting my process and now offer two styles of pizza, a fire roasted "Neapolitan style" and a "Pizzeria Style". 


A great pie is more than just about putting flour, water and yeast together. It's about the right flour, proofing times and temperature, cheese types, hydration percentages, yeast and even the tomatoes. I could go on and on.


I have perfected this process now and this process takes time. All of my dough is made from scratch and allowed to proof for 72-96 hours in order to create a light flavorful crust. All my sauces are also made from scratch and seasoned 24 hours in advance.  


I pride myself on consistency and making sure each pizza is exceptional.  


"Neapolitan Style"
Offered at
parties + events
  • Fire roasted and referred to as my "Outdoor Pizza" - this is made with “00” flour and quickly baked outdoors at extremely high temperatures

  • The end result is a "Neapolitan style" pizza, full of flavor, with a crisp base and perfectly charred crust

"Pizzeria Style"
Offered at
The Pizza "Show" Class
  • Full of flavor and referred to as my "Indoor Pizza" - this is made with different flour ratios and baked indoors using a conventional home oven
  • During an exclusive Pizza "show" class you'll learn the techniques behind making both my "outdoor" and "indoor" pizza and of course get to eat both



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